Aquatic Therapy


Aquatic Therapy helps children develop strength, balance, postural control, flexibility, endurance, and relaxation.

Therapy in our warm water pool encourages new and different movement patterns and independent movement for children who have little opportunity on land.

  • Musculoskeletal Strength - functional muscle strength
    Weakness in any part of the body that interferes with the child’s ability to perform daily activities.

  • Flexibility - the ability to bend & move freely
    Increased muscle tightness in any part of the body that affects movement.

  • Bilateral Coordination - the ability to use right & left limbs simultaneously
    Difficulty performing activities that require the use of both arms/hands or legs/feet at the same time.

  • Cardiovascular Endurance - the ability to sustain activity
    Early onset of fatigue or shortness of breath when running or walking long distances or history of cardio-vascular disease.

  • Tone Inhibition - temporarily decreasing muscle tone to enable active or passive movement throughout the range of motion.
    Stiffness or spasticity of one or more body parts that affects movement.

  • Exercise Tolerance due to Gravity Elimination - the ability to move or exercise with less effort in water.
    Inability or difficulty moving or exercising against the pull of gravity during land-based activities.

  • Respiratory Function - functional breathing.
    Difficulty breathing, problems with speech due to decreased respiration, shortness of breath, history of disease affecting the muscles of respiration, or history of recurrent pneumonia/bronchitis causing residual breathing difficulties.
The temperature of our warm-water therapy pool is maintained at 91° F and is equipped with a hydraulic chairlift.